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Monthly Workshop Training 





The Learning Lab is a meeting place A monthly membership-based learning program dedicated to helping you deliver dynamic client experiences that acquire, retain and expand client relationships more efficiently and effectively.

Social media is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life.

Customers can now get information on your products from other customers, rather than just from advertising. This gives you a great opportunity to engage with the public in a much more dynamic way and gain real insight into the behaviour of your target market.


How This Program Will Help You:

Each month you'll gain the professional advice and develop the hard skills you need to start driving business result - Today.

This program focuses on Digital Marketing, with an emphasis on Customer/Client Engagement to enable more engaging ways to interact with clients, deliver relevant content, and build those relationship-oriented experiences we're all used to but in a more personal, customized way. This is what you must do today to be successful tomorrow.

With each workshop, you will come away with skills and tactics from the experts that you can immediately apply to strengthen and support your marketing and enable your sales (no matter the size of your business). What's more, you'll also learn from each other!


And if you enroll in the Elite program with weekly coaching, you will get the additional support you need to transform your organization!

Incremental changes, incidental highs!



  • Gain new skills to effectively grow your business

  • Explore new tools and technologies to create and promote content

  • Maximize client engagements and virtual interactions 

  • Effectively influence & persuade


Who This Program Is For:


Marketing Professionals


Client-facing & Sales Professionals


B2B & Professional Services Executives


Solo Practitioners

Each Monthly Workshop is Valued at Over $499 but is Yours for

Only $49 a Month!

A Monthly Membership Program Dedicated to Helping you Turn the Challenges of Today into Tomorrow's Opportunities

Oh, and because it's virtual, of course, you can participate from anywhere, no matter where you are. Our goal is to help you become more effective through active guidance and support, but since we are all time poor, make it easy for you participate, to apply what you learn, and get additional insights and guidance to make your efforts successful. 

Coming up...

23 March

Driving the Client Experience Along the Client Journey

20 April

The Digital Marketing Mix: Channels & Principles

18 May

The Power of Persuasion in the Digital World: Keys to Communicating & Presenting

See More Details Below

Monthly Membership

Monthly Workshop

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it!" Every month you'll come away with another tool to help your organization drive dynamic customer experiences and, as a result, deliver business growth - navigate the now, plan for tomorrow, and lead in the "next normal."

Monthly Workshops

Monthly 90-min Interactive Live Workshops are held on every third Tuesday of the month from 10 am - 11:30 am (EST) (with an exception for holidays) and can be accessed anytime if enrolled. Any pre-workshop information, planning worksheets, material, etc. will be provided prior to the workshop, and anything we do together will be made available to you through the portal. 

23 MAR 2021

Driving the Client Experience Along the Client Journey 

Build empathy maps and personas

Remap the client journey and align content and experience

Learn More

22 JUN 2021

Contextual Insights and Content Strategy

More details to come!

21 SEP 2021

Recipes for Success: Processes, Roles, Responsbilties

More details to come!

14 DEC 2021

Making Metrics Work for You: eMasuring ROI & ROR

More details to come!

20 APR 2021

The Digital Marketing Mix: Key Channels and Principles

More details to come!

20 JUL 2021

Engagement Strategy & Dynamic Relationship Management

More details to come!

26 OCT 2021

Business Development & Pitching in the Virtual World

More details to come!

18 JAN 2021

5-Step Process of Planning & Executing Strategy

More details to come!

18 MAY 2021 

The Powers of Persuasion in the Digital World

More details to come!

24 AUG 2021

Measuring and Optimizing Customer Experience

More details to come!

16 NOV 2021

Best Practices on Social Networks

More details to come!

22 FEB 2022

Connect Strategy: Social Media, Communities, and Virtual Networking

More details to come!

NOTE: Workshop Topics & Curriculum Subject To Change Depending On Member Feedback & Needs As The Year Progresses

Driving the client experience - dec
Membership Options




Workshop + Community

Live monthly workshop

Access to all recordings (past and future!) 

Done-for-you workbook, guides, templates & scripts 

Members-only community to post questions

Join Now and Get Access to

Bonus Materials!

  • Evaluation Assessment to help you know where you're starting from

  • Strategy and Planning Workbook​

  • Templates

  • Checklists

  • And Much More


For Personalized Coaching & Training, please request a DISCOVERY CALL 

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