At VOOU, our mission is to enable a better understanding of each other and the world around us, improve communication, and transform culture into competitive advantage. 

Human-centered selling puts the customer experience at the center of all marketing and sales efforts. It begins with understanding customers' perspectives, desires, and motivations, relating to them as humans and not objects we’re trying to convert. But what if your customers and target audiences are comprised of multiple cultural backgrounds? 


At VOOU, we help you to understand your customers, PLUS we go a step further and unpack the cultural contexts and influences within the markets and audiences you are targeting to understand the experiences they are having through a cultural lens. Because if that doesn't align, there is no question about it - you will NOT perform (as well as you could). 

In the world of sales and marketing, nothing is more important than knowing your customer and building and maintaining a meaningful customer relationship. As the adage says: Trust is earned in drops and lost in buckets.


You may be thinking to yourself, "Duh! That's 101 type stuff." If that's the case, why aren't more companies better at it?

Reimagine Your Impact!

Why Should You Care?

Well, organizations taking a human-centric approach are deepening relationships and increasing trust to quantifiably set themselves apart from the competition.


Where sales teams often misstep, especially in B2B selling, is in not fully understanding who is part of the buying process, what it looks like, and how they want to be supported.


What's more, what people of one culture or country expect in regards to behavior (as well as solution) may be quite different than those from another. Meeting the person at the level of communication that best fits their needs is super important.


Truly Human-centric Selling 


The world of selling has changed drastically. With globalization, the boundaries between countries and cultures blur more each day.


So it's no surprize that one of the most common mistakes even the most seasoned, experienced sales people or business developers make when venturing into different parts of the world (or their own backyard) is that they apply the same techniques that they'd use in their home country, and then wonder why they didn't win the business. 



It's not a revolutionary idea to personalize or tailor your sales approach to your target audience, to decision-maker types or personality differences, yet, it happens less often than you'd imagine. Now layer that with cultural differences, and the need becomes greater.

Unlike etiquette training, our programs focus on cultural congruence and differentiation, uncovering cultural miscues and invisible and subtle differences between people and cultures that lead to misunderstandings, miscommunication, and ultimately opportunity loss. 





Understanding cultural differences helps sellers and business development teams adapt how they interact and communicate with their customers more effectively, from Meetings and Presentations to Negotiations.


Cross-Cultural Selling Programs

Organizations today are increasingly expanding their business to target audiences of different nationalities and cultures. Some cross over into international markets. Others are expanding their view of what resides in their own backyard. 


Whether launching a new product, meeting for the first time with prospective customers, delivering a sales presentation or representing your company at an overseas tradeshow event, how you are received, and ultimately, your success, will be based on you adapt your behavior and communication.


Enable your sales organization, or any client-facing person with the cultural understanding and communication skills they need to maximize engagement at every step of the client journey - every engagement and interaction. Let VOOU help you

boost productivity, effectiveness and win more projects!

Topics Include:

  • Cross-Cultural Selling

  • Global Account Management

  • Global Business Development (Country Specific)

  • Cross-cultural Communication

  • Global Selling for Non-Selling Individuals

  • Adaptive Selling

  • Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

  • Domestic CQ

  • Global Meetings & Negotiations

  • Selling Into & Within the U.S. Market

  • Global Presentation Development & Delivery 

  • How to Interview in the U.S.

Formats Available


Formats Available

At VOOU, we use a mix of approaches and tools to create a customized solution tailored to your organizational needs and personal motivations, from 1-on-1 training or coaching sessions (via Zoom) or via group seminars and workshops.

Everything we design can be delivered in any of these methods, giving you the flexibility to suit your needs. They can also be blended together to create a unique experience for your people.


Virtual Workshop


In-Person Workshop


Virtual 1-1 Coaching


Virtual Group Coaching


When it comes to working with people across cultures, the idea is to combine a bit of art and science into how you adjust your communication with the objective of reducing uncertainty and creating a more comfortable environment to do business. 


Those that who can acknowledge the differences across cultures and make an effort to adapt will rise to the top of any sales organization.


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