Voou is a client-centric, marketing-driven growth enablement firm. We help our clients in the professional & architectural & design services industry engage more effectively, boost business development productivity, & win more projects.

Well, Hello...

"VOOU" is a Latin term meaning "the act of creation in mind and spirit." At VOOU, we believe that to stand out, you have to be memorable. And to be memorable, you have to be different; providing clients with solutions and insights they have never seen before. And delivering on the expected in an unexpected way.

Well, let me tell you! Faced with the current challenges brought about by the pandemic,  organizations need to reimagine the client experience and transform how they support their teams to navigate the now, plan for tomorrow, and lead in the "next normal."

Digital Engagement

Drive Agility

The need to shift to digital engagement might have been abrupt in recent months, requiring companies to create impromptu, make-shift adjustments to their digital and virtual enablement programs. As uncomfortable as that may have been, when implemented effectively, they have the potential to enable increased scalability and flexibility among client-facing teams, also allowing recruiting, training and other programs to become more effective.


Growth enablement can play a critical role in the current climate by preparing client-facing teams to effectively utilize tools and resources in an environment that requires digital engagement.


Across onboarding, training, content, guidance, and engagement, sales enablement can deliver substantial business impact by leveraging content and tools to the right person at the right time in the right place, and in the right way.

What We Offer

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Let VOOU do this for you! The sooner you get started the better prepared you will be moving into the “next normal.” 

What Voou can

 do for you?




Buyer Persona Profiles

Client Journey Mapping

*Please note that those listed above are only examples or

potential recommendations.

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It starts with Discovering...

the underlying motivations that drive people's actions. We provide you with insights into your client's current needs and expectations, the choices they make at every step in their purchasing journey, and a plan to exceed their expectations.

And then...



Sales Enablement Strategy

Customer Engagement Strategy

Content Strategy & Planning


White Papers, Newsletters, Infographics, Webinars,

 Research Reports, Case Studies, etc.

Content Sharing & Management System



Sales Tools Development – Customizable tools such as Presentation Templates, RFP/Proposal Templates, Playbooks, Mockup Booklets, Client Reports, Presentations - Company Overview, Product & Service and Template Systems

*Please note that those listed above are only examples or

potential recommendations.

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From there,we Design...  

strategies, frameworks, systems, content and tools to support your client's needs throughout the purchasing journey.


In addition, transform how you enable and support your client-facing teams to do the same, with the goal of driving effectiveness, accessibility, ease-of-use, customization, and engagement.

And after that...



Sales Presentations Delivery Coaching

Decision-maker Training

Sales Tools Training

Client Strategy Development Coaching

Marketing & Sales Alignment Coaching


Group and private English language training, Awareness & Sensitivity Training, Diversity & Inclusion, and Cross-cultural Communications Training

*For more details on Language & Communications training, follow this link to kellysteckel.com

*Please note that those listed above are only examples or

potential recommendations.

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Then we Deliver...

optimized performance through on-going and continuous training and coaching of client-facing teams to enable the effective usage of content, tools and tactics and further support your sellers with a modern mindset, skillset, and ability to win more projects. 

Why Now?

Long-term studies show that the right approach during economic uncertainty is to increase — not decrease —  your marketing spend. But a bit of restructuring and retraining might likely be in order to get you the expertise and necessary skills to help you navigate the "new normal." 


Where choice is abundant and demands are high, meeting customer expectations means not only anticipating unknown customer challenges in advance but solving them as well.


Now heightened by uncertain market conditions, budget constraints, reduced staff, adjustments to business models (seller-doer) and the additional obstacles presented by new ways of working, effectiveness has never been more important to the organization.


Kelly has transformed our communications and leaves a tremendous legacy of Content, Tools, Strategies, etc. Kelly’s creative and innovative designs have enabled us to engage with our clients in a relevant and thoughtful way.

- Glen Foster, VP Sales & Marketing Haworth

Experienced in global marketing and communications, business development and sales, we help you to innovate within the engagement process, aligning your marketing and BD/sales strategies with client needs and expectations, and optimizing your content and tools to enable engagement with prospects before, during and after interactions with your client-facing teams. 

Why Partner

         with VOOU?


Learning with Voou


Introductory Price:


Workshop + Community +Coaching

Live monthly interactive workshop

Access to all recordings 

Workbook, guides, templates & scripts 

Members-only community to post questions


Private hour-long small group coaching video calls EVERY WEEK


Introductory Price:


Workshop + Community

Live monthly interactive workshop

Access to all recordings  

Workbook, guides, templates & scripts 

Members-only community to post questions


Let's Connect.


The sooner you (re)enable your teams, the faster your organization will emerge from this challenging time, savvier, and better positioned to drive future success. Turn the challenges of today into tomorrow's opportunities!


To learn more about our learning program, coaching, or how we could help you internally, shoot us a note and we’ll get right back to you.